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Environmental Stewardships - Higher Level Stewardship (HLS)

These pages provide links to various ALGAO papers relating to Higher Level Stewardship. Developments are ongoing and we will continue to update and add new material as it becomes available. A number of superceded documents are also available for reference.

Further information on HLS is available from the Natural England website:

See also HELM Farming the Historic Environment guidance documents (English Heritage/ALGAO/Defra)

3 Tier

This new application process for HLS was formally launched on 1 July. It comprises three types of HLS application, Fast track, Standard and Complex.

Fast Track applications

Standand and Complex applications requiring an externally commissioned FEP

Resources for FEP surveyors

Access capital


The new SHINE-HLS Trial consultation process was formally launched on 18th November 2013 and provides an on-line service intended to make it quicker and simpler for HERs to deliver the mandatory ‘FEP HER Response’, and bring English Heritage advice into the pre-application stage of the consultation process. The SHINE-HLS Service Standard is only applicable to those taking part in the Trial

FEP HER Consultations: 14th March 2014 and beyond

Many historic environment/archaeology services will be receiving HER consultations after the Consultation Window closes on 14th March. FEP Surveyors are being told that HERs are not being held to a formal response time for consultations submitted beyond 14th March but are being asked, if possible, to respond within 28 days.

Further information is available here


Phase 2 Targeting

The following documents were produced to assist members and others to feed into the process of Phase 2 Targetting to establish HLS Target Area and Theme Statements in 2009.

Heritage Targeting Dataset

Top 35 sites

Additional HER Datasets


Targeting - frequently asked questions

Archived documents

The following documents were superceded in July 2011 but are included for reference.

FEP Service standard (superceded July 2011)

FEPs resources for HERs (superceded July 2011)


Application handbooks (superceded)

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