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Environmental Stewardship - Uplands Entry Level Stewardship (UELS)

These pages provide links to various ALGAO papers relating to the Uplands Entry Level Stewardship Scheme. Developments are ongoing and we will continue to update and add new material as it becomes available.

Uptake of Uplands ELS and the Upland Transitional Payment

Defra has produced reports on the assessment of uptake position in mid-January 2011 after the first 6 months of Uplands ELS and in July 2011 after the first full year of Uplands ELS. They compare the characteristics of these farms with those that did not have an Uplands ELS agreement or receive the Uplands Transitional Payment (UTP) in 2011.

Statistical Digest of the English Uplands

The Statistical Digest of the English Uplands (published by Defra in December 2011) is a collection of statistics on a range of social, economic, agricultural and environmental subject areas. The report aims to enhance understanding of the social, economic and environmental features of the English Uplands. In many cases, the statistics are presented for upland areas and the rest of England, to allow comparisons to be made.


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