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Greater Manchester’s Past Revealed booklet series

Initiated by

Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit


Addressing the challenge of spreading the word on Greater Manchester’s fascinating but relatively unrecognised archaeology through publication in the form of ‘popular’ booklets.

Work done

The Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit have initiated a new series called ‘Greater Manchester’s Past Revealed’. It provides a format for publishing significant archaeology from developer funded, research or community projects in an attractive, easy to read, well illustrated style.

Greater Manchester Past Revealed booklets

The idea is to produce a short print run (of around 1,000) with copies being given to local schools, libraries and other institutions, as well as the local community and wider public. Once the print-run is exhausted a copy will be made available on the web as a pdf. GMAU, acting as archaeological adviser to the ten Greater Manchester Planning Authorities, can include in its recommendations for planning consent conditions an obligation on the part of the developer to disseminate the results of archaeological investigations to the local community. The booklet can be an appropriate format for this. Its costs are not prohibitive and it can be used for PR purposes by the developer, as well as demonstrating a commitment to the local community. This accords with best planning practice embodied in Planning Policy Statement No. 5, its accompanying Planning Guidance, and the Government Statement on the Historic Environment (March 2010).

A template has been designed so that the style will be consistent, whichever archaeological organisation produces it. To date four booklets have been produced, two on large scale developments in Manchester, one on a big retail site in Bury, and one, in collaboration with Wigan Archaeology Society, on Roman Wigan which was inspired by the discovery of a complete plan of a Roman bath house during the Grand Arcade shopping centre development. Four more booklets are committed to production for large scale commercial investigations of industrial archaeology in Manchester and Bury. As well as describing the results of archaeological investigations the booklets seeks to provide historical context and an understanding of the industrial processes undertaken. GMAU will itself shortly produce a booklet in the series, on the Greater Manchester Urban Historic Landscape Characterisation Project that is nearing completion.

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