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County Durham Archaeology Day

An annual event held in Durham in March.

Initiated and run by

Durham County Council Archaeology Section. The first one was held 2006.

Funding sources

Durham County Council Archaeology Section with costs recouped through admission charge. In 2012 the charge was £12.00 per person which includes refreshments mid-morning and mid-afternoon as well as a buffet lunch.


  • Disseminate the results of recent archaeological research and discoveries to the broadest possible audience in a timely fashion.
  • Provide professional archaeological organisations and local amateur groups the opportunity to showcase their projects.
  • Raise the profile of archaeology within the county generally and also within the county council (and the former district councils prior to their abolition in local government reorganisation in 2009).
  • Enable general public to learn more about and appreciate their archaeological heritage.

Work done and results

The event is held at County Hall, Durham City, on the second Saturday in March each year. There is an average of seven talks and these are presented in the council chamber while the adjacent Durham Room is used for displays by professional and amateur groups along with book stalls. Lunch is served in the neighbouring staff restaurant.

The event proved a success right from the initial Day with the maximum capacity of 220 tickets sold out several weeks before the event. This continues to be the case. The event has brought groups together to exchange news and information in a way previously unavailable. It has led to a number of ‘spin-off’ projects and also resulted in individuals reporting discoveries that may otherwise have gone unrecorded.

Durham County Council Archaeology Section also produces an annual magazine containing articles about recent excavations, research and discoveries. With an emphasis on jargon-free text and plenty of colour photographs production is timed to coincide with the Archaeology Day.

Lessons learned

  • The general public within the county have a great appetite for information and events about archaeology.
  • The need to emphasise to speakers that they must try not to exceed their allotted time and to have system in place to signal time is up.
  • Within the constraints imposed by nature of recent projects and available speakers always try to organise a programme that is varied in terms of subject, period and age/gender of contributors.
  • As ever, high degree of organisation and efficient communications are vital.

Since 2009 Durham County Council Archaeology Section has also organised a parallel annual event about archaeological research along and in the vicinity of the Hadrian’s Wall – Hadrian’s Wall Archaeology Forum.

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