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CIfA Archives Group: Selection and Retention Strategies in Archaeological Archives

The CIfA Archives Group committee are working on a ‘toolkit’ to help people putting together a selection and retention strategy at the outset of a project. As part of this we are looking for some examples of good practice – in particular where effective selection and retention strategies have been included within WSI or brief documents as part of commercial archaeological projects. We are asking for help from ALGAO members/planning archaeologists around the country to help us assemble these examples, and would be particularly interested in the following:


1) Do you have any good examples of WSI/briefs with selection/retention strategies you feel able to send us? We are looking for a range of types and sizes of projects – small, medium, large. If you don’t feel able to send on commercial documents then it would be great if you could identify contractor/project name, and we could then approach the contractor direct.


2) Any other observations you might have about selection and retention strategies – do you find/require in general that they are included in WSIs, or does this tend to happen later in the project (e.g. at the mid project stage)?


Please email any thoughts/documents (ideally before Wed 27th September) direct to Steve Baker – steve.baker [at] or give me a ring on 01629 539773 if you want know more.


We would be extremely grateful for any help you can give us.

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