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ALGAO Events

See below for a list of ALGAO events over the coming 30 days.
Tue 17th Oct - 9.30am to 6.30pm
Wed 18th Oct - 9.30am to 6.30pm

ALGAO Officers

The Association works through Executive Committees, and Subject and Regional Committees. General enquires should be directed to the Administrative Assistant: algao.adminCambs [at]


Chair: John Lawson, City of Edinburgh Council
john.lawson [at]

Vice-Chair: Fiona Gale, Denbighshire County Council
fiona.gale [at]

Vice-Chair (membership): James Dinn, Worcester City Council
jdinn [at]

Treasurer: Quinton Carroll, Cambridgeshire County Council
Quinton.Carroll [at]


Chair: Quinton Carroll, Cambridgeshire County Council
Quinton.Carroll [at]

Vice-Chair: Fiona Macdonald, Berkshire Archaeology
fiona.macdonald [at]

Vice-Chair: Casper Johnson, East Sussex County Council
casper.johnson [at]

Regional Committee convenors

The Regional Committees, co-incident with the Government regions in England, provide a forum for liaison with regional organizations. Convenors are:

North East: David Mason, Durham County Council
David.Mason [at]

North West: Norman Redhead, Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service
N.Redhead [at]

Yorkshire & Humber:

East of England: Jess Tipper, Colchester Borough Council
Jess.Tipper [at]

London: Kathryn Stubbs, City of London
Kathryn.Stubbs [at]

South East: Julia Wise, Buckinghamshire County Council
juwise [at]

South West: Bob Croft, South West Heritage Trust
bob.croft [at]

East Midlands: Richard Clark, Leicestershire County Council
Richard.Clark [at]

West Midlands: Chris Patrick, Coventry City Council
christopher.patrick [at]


Chair: Hugh McBrien, West of Scotland
hugh.mcbrien [at]

Vice Chair: David Strachen, Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust
DLStrachan [at]


Chair: Ashley Batten, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust
ashley.batten [at]

Vice Chair: Fiona Gale, Denbighshire County Council
fiona.gale [at]

Subject Committee Convenors

Historic Environment Records: Ben Wallace - benwallace [at]
Planning and Legislation: Lis Dyson - lis.dyson [at]
Historic Buildings: Pete Boland - pete.boland [at]
Urban: Kathrynn Stubbs - Kathryn.Stubbs [at]
Countryside: David Robertson - david.robertston [at]
Maritime: Robin Daniels - Robin.Daniels [at]
European: Casper Johnson - casper.johnson [at]

ALGAO general enquiries
01223 728592
Algao.AdminCambs [at]