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ALGAO Events

See below for a list of ALGAO events over the coming 30 days.
Fri 20th Apr (All day)
Wed 16th May (All day) to Thu 17th May (All day)
Wed 23rd May (All day)
Wed 12th Sep (All day) to Sat 15th Sep (All day)
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ALGAO Officers

The Association works through Executive Committees, and Subject and Regional Committees. General enquires should be directed to the Administrative Assistant: admin [at]


Chair: John Lawson, City of Edinburgh Council
john.lawson [at]

Vice-Chair: Fiona Gale, Denbighshire County Council
fiona.gale [at]

Vice-Chair (membership): James Dinn, Worcester City Council
jdinn [at]

Treasurer: Quinton Carroll, Cambridgeshire County Council
Quinton.Carroll [at]


Chair: Quinton Carroll, Cambridgeshire County Council
Quinton.Carroll [at]

Vice-Chair: Fiona Macdonald, Berkshire Archaeology
fiona.macdonald [at]

Vice-Chair: Casper Johnson, East Sussex County Council
casper.johnson [at]

Regional Committee convenors

The Regional Committees, co-incident with the Government regions in England, provide a forum for liaison with regional organizations. Convenors are:

North East: David Mason, Durham County Council
David.Mason [at]

North West: Norman Redhead, Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service
N.Redhead [at]

Yorkshire & Humber:

East of England: Jess Tipper, Colchester Borough Council
Jess.Tipper [at]

London: Kathryn Stubbs, City of London
Kathryn.Stubbs [at]

South East: Julia Wise, Buckinghamshire County Council
juwise [at]

South West: Bob Croft, South West Heritage Trust
bob.croft [at]

East Midlands: Richard Clark, Leicestershire County Council
Richard.Clark [at]

West Midlands: Chris Patrick, Coventry City Council
christopher.patrick [at]


Chair: Hugh McBrien, West of Scotland
hugh.mcbrien [at]

Vice Chair: David Strachen, Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust
DLStrachan [at]


Chair: Ashley Batten, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust
ashley.batten [at]

Vice Chair: Fiona Gale, Denbighshire County Council
fiona.gale [at]

Subject Committee Convenors

Historic Environment Records: Ben Wallace - benwallace [at]
Planning and Legislation: Lis Dyson - lis.dyson [at]
Historic Buildings: Pete Boland - pete.boland [at]
Urban: Kathrynn Stubbs - Kathryn.Stubbs [at]
Countryside: David Robertson - david.robertston [at]
Maritime: Rebecca Loader - Rebecca.Loader [at]
European: Casper Johnson - casper.johnson [at]

ALGAO general enquiries
01223 728592
admin [at]