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Consultation on Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Districts (Defra 2009)

Submission from ALGAO:UK Maritime Committee

Dear Ms Liddell,

Thank you for your consultation on the above. The Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers (ALGAO:UK) represents the senior archaeologists within local authorities, throughout the UK. The association operates through a number of national, regional and subject committees of which the Maritime Committee is one. The latter committee leads on maritime matters on behalf of ALGAO:UK.

We would welcome the alignment of the IFC authorities on local authority boundaries as a sensible move. We would also support the implementation of Option 2 as the most practical solution at the present time, but would suggest that this might be reviewed within a given time frame. In particular regard to the north eastern area we wonder if a suitable solution might not be one that copies the national regions and separates Hull and Yorkshire from a north east region of Teesside to the Scottish border.

In the wider context of the role of the IFC we would draw attention to the role of our members in holding the Historic Environment Record (HER) for their areas. This provides a source of information and expertise which the IFC authorities would find of use in their expanded role and we would be happy to discuss how each region could access this information and expertise.

Yours sincerely

Robin Daniels
Chair, ALGAO:UK Maritime Committee

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