The following are publications produced by ALGAO or the Association of County Archaeological Officers (ACAO), one of ALGAO's predecessor organisations.

Understanding Models for the Delivery of Local Authority Archaeology Services (2022)

Kenneth Aitchison, Genevieve Aitchison & Doug Rocks-Macqueen

This report explores changes and adaptations that have been made to services in response to differing pressures and constraints since 2010, and alternative models of delivery that have been considered are examined.

Guidance for Peatland Restoration and the Historic Environment in Scotland (2022)

Bruce Mann

Peatlands are of enhanced historic environment significance because of the nature of the archaeological resource they may contain and owing to their unique preservation qualities. This Guidance Note sets out an informed procedure to secure the protection of heritage and historic environment features within peatland restoration projects across Scotland.

Impact of Covid-19 on Local Authority Archaeology Services (2020)

Kenneth Aitchison, Poppy German & Doug Rocks-Macqueen

The results of a rapid survey of ALGAO:UK members, undertaken by Landward Research, to find out how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the work of archaeological advisors to local government across the UK.

Archaeology in Development Management: its contribution in England, Scotland & Wales (2019)

Doug Rocks-Macqueen and Ben Lewis

Archaeological work was fully incorporated into the planning system across the UK in the early 1990s to manage the impacts that development may have upon the historic environment. The report presents the results of research conducted by Landward Research Ltd for ALGAO:UK, on the archaeology sector in developmental management and its contributions in England, Scotland and Wales.