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These pages will provide information on particular issues for the Association relating to Wales.

ALGAO:Cymru is the national ALGAO body for Wales. Arrangements for the provision of archaeological information and advice to Local Authorities and National Parks in Wales have differed from those in England and Scotland.

The Welsh Archaeological Trusts were set up in the 1970s in response to the increasing damage to Wales' historic environment as a result of the lack of specialist archaeological advice available to local planning authorities. Since then a number of authorities have employed their own in-house specialist advisors to work alongside the WATs and great progress has been made in projecting archaeology firmly into the local planning process. PPG 16 came into force in Wales in 1991 and was superseded by Welsh Office Circular 60/96 'Planning and the Historic Environment: Archaeology'. This, in conjunction with Planning Policy Wales and Welsh Office Circular 61/96 'Planning and the Historic Environment: Historic Buildings and Conservation Areas', provides the framework for the protection of archaeology in Wales within the planning process.

In addition to the protection of the historic environment through the planning process the members also work more broadly to develop greater understanding and improve the conservation of Wales' historic environment. Much of the work of the members is carried out in partnership with Cadw and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales as well as other national bodies and agencies such as the Countryside Council for Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government.

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