Before the Museums project: Opportunity to Tender

Tuesday, 5th September 2023
Finds Processing
East Lothian Council Archaeology Service

ALGAO: Scotland is inviting tenders to help with the final phase of the ‘Before the Museums project’.  The overall project aims are to create a smooth transition of finds from their recovery during archaeological fieldwork through to their deposition at a museum in Scotland.

The delivery phase of this project is divided into two interlinked delivery streams: 

1 - Create standards and guidance for commercial archaeological contractors depositing archaeological assemblages with Museums.

2 - Agree and implement a processing fee which will accompany deposited assemblages.

We are now inviting tenders from consultants/ contractors to help with delivering this by organising workshops (drawing upon previous project phases); compiling the results of the workshops into standards and guidance; and agreeing and implementing a processing fee for deposited assemblages. 

The winning tender will work with stakeholders from the museums sector; archaeological contractors and Local Authority Archaeologists to enable this.  Details of the aims, deliverables and outputs are included on the attached brief.

Before the Museums project is being delivered by ALGAO:Scotland and NMS as part of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy.  The project is funded by Historic Scotland.

The tender is offered for a fixed rate of £11,600 inc VAT and the project is to be delivered by the 1st March 2025.

Tenders should be returned by 29th Sept 2023 at the latest.



Brief for Before the Museums - Implementation and deliver .docx
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